Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Lesson Planning!

Like so many teachers, summer is more than just a time to relax (although that's a good thing too!).  This year, it was time to add some new things to my teaching.  While my team-mate and I have been working on revising our pacing guides, we're also freshening up our lessons and adding some new ones.  You're probably doing that this summer too!

We're using MS Excel to create our pacing guide and color coding what we revised and what still needs to be done.  That's keeping us on track!  

I actually got motivated to start revising the "look and feel" of some of my lessons with a challenge that was posed by the Teachers Pay Teachers group, so in addition to adding new lessons, I'm getting more creative with the presentation of some of the old ones!

Our first week's challenge was to change an old lesson and I chose to make a small change to the cover of one (below).  More importantly, I've found lots of new resources for new products like digital papers and fonts to make creating lessons more fun for me and the kids!  ‪#‎tptsellerchallenge‬

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